Web fonts

@font-face implementation instructions

The asynchronous script loads in the background allowing the other elements of your website to load first and undeterred.

The fonts contained in this kit are:

DIN 1451 W01 Mittelschrift
DIN Next™ W01 Bold
Camphor™ W01 Light Italic
DIN Next™ W01 Medium
Camphor™ W01 Bold
DIN Next™ W01 Regular
Camphor™ W01 Light
Camphor™ W01 Regular
Camphor™ W01 Italic

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CSS Implementation Guidelines

You and any third party web font hosting service are responsible for ensuring that the font software in the self-hosting kit, in its original format, can only be used on the Web Sites for which the self-hosting kit was downloaded and cannot be used or referenced by any other web site. This includes, but is not limited to installing adequate technical protection measures that restrict the use and/or access to the font software, for instance by utilizing JavaScript or access control mechanism for cross-origin resource sharing and protecting against use on web sites other than the Web Sites for which the self-hosting kit was downloaded by restricting domain access only to such Web Sites. You must also retain the pageview tracking code on any Web Site that you self-host. In the event this Agreement terminates for any reason, the font software included with the self-hosting kit must be deleted from the server and all copies must be destroyed or returned to Monotype Imaging.


Asynchronous Implementation (Requires JavaScript)

Font file names have been obfuscated to protect the font software. You can identify font format based on file ending:

Copy and paste following code in head section of the page

Licensing information should be included within the CSS

This CSS resource incorporates links to font software which is the valuable copyrighted
property of Monotype Imaging and/or its suppliers. You may not attempt to copy, install,
redistribute, convert, modify or reverse engineer this font software. Please contact Monotype
Imaging with any questions regarding Web Fonts: